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Computer Repairs Parramatta

Refine Computer Repairs


All Mobile Geeks IT consultants have got many years of industry experience as well as proper training and their qualifications are usually cross examined to their prior business employers in this city. Mobile Geeks computer technicians as well as all Hq personnel that plan daily placements actually are Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This makes sure that each time you order our computer repair services you shall not be put through pointless waiting times because a company didn't know the precise location of Parramatta and nearness to other places and will not need to spend your time on the business phone making clear your home address. Likewise, you shall not need to use up your spare time waiting for your Geeks to determine how to find your office or house and locations to park their Geek mobile. All the lads fully grasp their work and they know how to travel to you with the most effective manner. We'll give you all Computer Repairs needs. Whether cord less network fitting, electronic mail Server set up , Computer virus Removal, Firewall installing, Internet Security and safety or back-up and recovery care, Mobile Geeks make IT easy. All of our pro computer repair technicians have addressed practically all IT issues before and definitely will mend your internet connection, build your home office, eliminate the virus and locate your damaged info without delay, expertly and, normally ,, without requiring separating you and your computer.

Parramatta Historical Note:

Parramatta is located 23 kilometres from the Sydney central business district; it is the administrative centre for the local government area of the City of Parramatta. Part of the suburb is shared with the local area government of the City of Holroyd. It is a part of the Greater Western Sydney region and is on the banks of the Parramatta River.

In 1788 the city of Parramatta was founded. The Colony in Sydney only had limited stocks of food, and the soil around Sydney cove was too poor to grow the food needed, the area of Parramatta was chosen for its usefulness for farming.

To deal with the food crisis Governor Phillip granted convict James Ruse the land of *Experiment Farm* at Parramatta on the condition he develop a viable agriculture. He became the first person in Australia to successfully grow grain.

Parramatta today is a major commercial and business centre with many high density residential and commercial developments

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client needed a cloud e-mail system and also setting up a branch office network system


Carried out full set up of new cloud e-mail platform and migration of 3 user/accounts to new cloud platform.  Ensured that all smart devices are able to connect to the wi-fi.  Configured on 2 iphones the e-mail accounts etc.  Imported historical data.

computer repairs task: home PC not connecting to internet


1 hour labour - reconfigured router and internet settings

Setup outlook for remote business email access


1. Went onsite

2. Setup outlook to run through https or vpn

3. Liased to get server rebooted

4. Remote connected to machine to finish setup of outlook

5. Test (pass)

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