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Computer Repairs Prairiewood

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All of Mobile Geeks IT consultants are equipped with years of industry working experience as well as education and their recommendations are cross verified in relation to their past employers from this town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians along with just about all Home Office workers that book regular activities are actually Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This means that whenever get our computer repair services you won't need to be confronted with needless waiting times mainly because someone didn't know the actual area of your suburb as well as closeness to some other places and will not have to spend time on the phone call clarifying your business address. Furthermore, you will not need to waste your your time waiting for the Geeks to decide how to find your office or residence and where they can park the Geek mobile. All of the guys fully understand their assignments as well as recognize how to reach you with the most efficient manner. We'll give you any kind of Computer Repairs needs. Whether cord less network setup, e-mail Hosting server set up , Pc virus Elimination, Firewall set up, Internet Safeguards or back-up and recovery services, Mobile Geeks make IT easy. Each of our competent computer repair technicians have dealt with nearly all IT issues before and they will mend your online link, arrange your home office, get rid of the virus and locate your lost or damaged info quickly, expertly and, in most instances, without any separating you and your computer.

Prairiewood Historical Note:

Prairiewood is located 34 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Fairfield and is a part of the Greater Western Sydney region.

Prairiewood was once part of the neighbouring suburb Wetherill Park. In the 1970’s the land was subdivided as Prairiewood Estate, as it grew to become a small suburb, it took the name of the Estate

Prairiewood today is primarily a residential area and home to the 18 hole Fairfield Golf Course. Fairfield Showground plays host to many cultural events, every Saturday it is home to the Fairfield Markets.

The major shopping centre Stockland Wetherill Park is actually located in the north western corner of Prairiewood. In 1988 Fairfield hospital moved to Prairiewood from its original location in Fairfield

Suburbs that surround Prairiewood include Bossley Park, Greenfield Park, Wetherill Park, St Johns Park, Smithfield, Fairfield West and Wakeley.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

computer repairs task: virus removal


1. Full system scan and removal

2. Full system scan (clean)

3. Install Microsoft Security Essentials

4. Full system scan (clean)

computer repairs task: reinstall windows and set up required software


1. went on site

2. format machine

3. backup data via various safe mode boots/options

4. format hard drive

5. install windows

6. install drivers and utilities

7. install common apps

8. install printer

9. test machine and boot (pass)

Replace blown power supply


1. Unplug machine

2. Open computer case

3. Unplug power supply from all components

4. Remove power supply

5. Install new power supply

6. Plug power supply into all components

7. Close computer case

8. Plug machine into power

9. Test system (pass)

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