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All the Mobile Geeks IT specialists are preloaded with several years of industry expertise as well as education and their credentials are often cross verified with their previous bosses in this city. Mobile Geeks computer technicians as well as just about all Hq staff that program everyday placements happen to be Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This is the reason why each time you request our computer repair services you will not need to be the subject of useless waiting around times simply because somebody else didn't know the precise location of your suburb together with its proximity to other points and will not have to spend time on the mobile making clear your business address. What's more, you simply won't need to spend your time expecting the Geeks to see how to locate your office or residence and where they can park the Geek mobile. The lads know their jobs plus they realize how to come to you using the most efficient manner. We're able to provide you with all Computer Repairs needs. Whether it is wire free network install, email Server install , Computer virus Elimination, Firewall program set up, Internet Security measures or back-up and recovery service, Mobile Geeks will help IT easy. All of our knowledgeable computer repair technicians have taken care of pretty much all IT issues before and can take care of your internet link, setup your home office, get rid of the virus and find your damaged records without delay, professionally and, in many cases, without separating you and your personal computer.

Prospect Historical Note:

Prospect is located 32 kilometres west of the Sydney Central Business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Blacktown and is in the Greater Western Sydney region.

The suburbs get its name from a nearby landmark – Prospect Hill. Originally a settlement area for emancipated convicts, it later became a village. The Church and Post Office still stand in isolation between the M4 Motorway and the Great Western Highway. Prospect Village became the basis for the much larger parish of Prospect, which covered most of present day Blacktown. The Prospect of today is just one of many suburbs in the Blacktown area.

In 1808 William Lawson was granted 500 acres at Prospect, where he proceeded to build a large house he named *Veteran Hall*. He died in 1850 and the land was later acquired by the Metropolitan Water Board. In the 1880’s most of the property was submerged in what is now Prospect Reservoir.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

computer repairs task: virus removal


1. Went onsite

2. Full system scan

3. Reformatted computer

4. Installed antivirus software

computer repairs task: repair two laptops


1. Inspect laptop 1 not booting into windows

2. Inspect laptop 2 error on startup

3. Remove hdd from laptop 1, backup data to external usb drive and reinstall hdd

4. Bypass error on laptop 2, install updates and disable norton av, prepare laptop for backup

Supply and setup new computer, migrate existing data to new computer


1. Went onsite

2. Setup new machine and remove old machine

3. Remove hdd from old machine and migrate data, then reinstall hdd to old machine

4. Perform updates, install ms free av

5. Install adobe, office 2007 from old computer

6. Download and install teamviewer

7. Install exterris custom software

8. Download and install microsoft activesync for pda synch with exterris

9. Migrate emails to new computer, migrate contacts, set email address to work with outlook 2007

10. Install printer to new machine

11. Test (pass)

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