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Computer Repairs Pyrmont

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Every one of the Mobile Geeks IT experts come along with a lot of industry knowledge as well as education and their references are often cross examined in relation to their prior employers in this city. Mobile Geeks computer technicians along with most of Home Office team that book regular jobs are Sydneysiders and know this city by heart. This means that every time you order our computer repair services you shall not end up being subjected to unnecessary waiting times because somebody did not know the exact position of your suburb as well as the nearness to some other areas and won't require to spend time on the call clarifying your home address. Moreover, you won't have to lose your spare time expecting the Geeks to decide how to find your office or and the best place to park the Geek mobile. All the lads know their tasks and they also know how to find you in most effective manner. We can easily give you all Computer Repairs needs. Whether it's wifi network unit installation, mail Server install , Virus Removals, Firewall software installation, Internet Safety and security or back-up and recovery solutions, Mobile Geeks can make IT easy. Our pro computer repair technicians have sorted out all the IT issues before and they will take care of your internet connection, set up your home office, remove the virus and locate your damaged files quickly, professionally and, usually, with no separating you and your personal pc.

Pyrmont Historical Note:

Pyrmont is located 2 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district; it is the local government area of the City of Sydney and falls under the Darling Harbour region.

The Eora Aboriginals once inhabited this area, which they called Pirrama. This name is still in use today along the Pyrmont Waterfront – Pirrama Road.

Pyrmont was a vital component of Sydney’s industrial waterfront in the early years of settlement, with wharves, factories, wool store and ship building yards. As the industry moved out, the population and area declined. In recent years it has seen an influx of office workers and residents.

Pyrmont was named after a mineral spring of cold water that was seen bubbling out of the rocks. Similar to a natural spring that was found in Bad Pyrmont in Hanover Germany.

Pyrmont was the site of the colony’s first Presbyterian Church built in 1864. Pyrmont Quarry provided sandstone for many of the cities 19th century buildings.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Customer cannot use their external hard drive


Customers external hard drive they have used on their Mac OS X does not show up on their new Windows 10 machine. Checked and reformat the HDD to MSDOS. It now works on Windows and OS X.

Computer playing up, suspected virus infection


Tested that all computers are working properly.  Uninstalled and re-installed software. Configured the smart devices.

Installed and set up network Epson XP720 - tested connection with the 3 laptops, 2 PCs and 3 Android phones and 2 iphones.

All working.

computer repairs task: replace blown power supply and test machine


1. Remove old power supply

2. Install new power supply

3. Clean video card fan, still not working. Faulty fan

4. Checked all peripherals were receiving power

5. Set machine to defrag disk to test stability and observe for 10 mins, was fine

System maintenance and virus removal


1. Install java and flash updates

2. Clean user profile

3. Defrag C drive

4. Check for virus and remove

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