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Computer Repairs Riverview

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All Mobile Geeks IT consultants have a lot of industry practical experience and training courses and their recommendations are often cross checked with regards to their past employers in this town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians and most Head Office staff members that organize everyday assignments actually are Sydneysiders and know this city by heart. This is why if you order our computer repair services you won't need to be confronted with pointless waiting around times merely because an employee did not know the precise neighborhood of your suburb as well as proximity to other locations and will not have to spend some time on the phone clarifying your home address. What's more, you shall not need to fritter away your time waiting around for your Geeks to work out how to locate your office or home and how to park the Geek mobile. Our guys know their tasks and also recognize how to find you in the most efficient manner. We can give you any kind of Computer Repairs needs. Whether it be wire-less network set up, email Hosting server install , Virus Elimination, Firewall software system, Internet Safety and security or back-up and recovery services, Mobile Geeks can make IT easy. Each of our specialist computer repair technicians have treated many of IT challenges before and can take care of your internet link, set up your home office, eliminate the virus and locate your lost or damaged files quickly, expertly and, in most instances, without separating you and your computer.

Riverview Historical Note:

Riverview is located 9 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the municipality of Lane Cove. Located on the lower north shore of Sydney Riverview is primarily a residential area on the northern side of the Lane Cove River.

The suburb takes its name from the location which provides a *view* of the Land Cove *River*. In 1880 the St Ignatius College was built. It was a three storey sandstone building. In 1887 the school underwent extensions and again in 1906 and in the 1920’s. The grounds also include a wharf shelter and an observatory

 From the mid 1980’s Riverview was home to the national head office of BMG Music Australia – along with the pressing plant and warehouse.

Suburbs surrounding Riverview include Lane Cove West, Lane Cove, Linley Point, Hunters Hill and Longueville.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Inspect why only one of the monitors show up with the clients setup


After remoting into the PC, was able to allow the 2nd display to be enabled inside the intel control panel. No problems since.

None of the computers could use the networked Brother printer


Nothing wrong with the computer.  The Brother printer was disabled, hence also disconnected from the network.  Once the printer was connected to the network -- all the other devices were able to print.

iMac running slow


Client had issues with their imac performing slow. 

Mac OS Sierra installation


Client had requested assistance for an upgrade to Mac OS Sierra to be installed. 

Suspect a virus on the PC


Checked the PC,  very slow.  Did a full Norton scan - had some issues ,  corrected these.  Re-formatted PC,  re-installed the required programs,  tested PC and its connectivity to the wireless network -  running well.  

Format machine and reload all software/data


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect machine not networking

3. Found system went through failed system restore

4. Take machine offsite

5. Backup data

6. Format C drive

7. Install and setup windows

8. Install common apps

9. MIgrate data

10. Perform updates

11. Deliver to client and setup

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