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Computer Repairs Riverwood

Refine Computer Repairs


All of Mobile Geeks IT techs have several years of industry expertise as well as proper training and their qualifications are often cross examined for their previous bosses from this city. Mobile Geeks computer technicians and more or less all Head Office personnel that set everyday duties are actually Sydneysiders and know this city by heart. This makes sure that whenever you get our computer repair services you'll not have to be confronted with useless waiting times simply because somebody else did not know the precise area of your suburb as well as closeness to other places and will not have to spend your time on the mobile phone clarifying your house address. Further, you'll not need to use your spare time watching for the Geeks to work out how to find your office or and the best places to park their Geek mobile. Each of our people understand their tasks as well as can find you with the best manner. We will provide you all Computer Repairs needs. Whether it is wire less network assembly, email Web server set-up , Virus Removal, Firewall software set up, Internet Computer security or back-up and recovery help, Mobile Geeks really make IT easy. Each of our experienced computer repair technicians have solved virtually all IT issues before and shall restore your online link, set-up your home office, get rid of the virus and find your lost or damaged records very quickly, professionally and, most likely, without separating you and your personal pc.

Riverwood Historical Note:

Riverwood is located 18 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government areas of both the City of Hurstville and the City of Canterbury. Riverwood is a suburb in south Sydney and is part of the St George area.

The Riverwood area was once known as Herne Bay and was made up of small land grants of just 30 and 80 acres. In 1931 when the East Hills Railway line came through the station was named Herne Bay. In 1919 the area was subdivided and redeveloped in 1942. During World War Two the Australian Government and Allied Works Council established an army base hospital barracks for the United States Army, it was called the 118 General Hospital. Consisting of 490 barrack style buildings it contained 4,250 beds.

By May of 1943 1700 beds were being used. The hospital remained in use by the Americans till 1945.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Replace monitor screen


Replace monitor screen

Customer is getting certificate errors browsing websites


Customer was getting faulty certificate errors while browsing website. Cleared cache and reset web browser, seems to be working correctly now.

computer repairs task: set up new computer and email for home user


1. Delivered new computer to client

2. Installed software and common apps

3. Set up emails for client

4. Installed printer/scanner and configured

Data recovery on Windows 2003 Small Business Server.


Completed data reovery on Winndows 2003 SBS. User had deleted files and required recovery. Also check that backups were working 100%

Assist in MYOB upgrade


1. Download required files from MYOB FTP server, extract files and copy to USB for user machines

2. Went onsite

3. Provide onsite assistance to MYOB during the setup of MYOB stand alone accountant software

(creating backups from old machine, moving backups to laptop and desktop. Moving Files from desktop to laptop etc)

4. Remove oem av on both machines, install MS Sec. Essentials on both machines for active AV

5. Perform slight GUI tweak to make user friendly (win 7)

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