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Rodd Point

All of Mobile Geeks IT techs have a great deal of industry knowledge and proper training and their recommendations are often cross checked in relation to their past employers within this town. Mobile Geeks computer technicians along with all Head Office workers that set weekly placements happen to be Sydneysiders and know this city by heart. This implies that any time you select our computer repair services you'll not need to be subjected to unneeded waiting around times simply because a company did not know the exact location of your suburb as well as the nearness to some other neighborhoods and will not have a need to spend time on the mobile phone making clear your house address. Also, you wonrrrt need to lose your precious time watching for your Geeks to see where to find your office or and locations to park their Geek mobile. The people fully understand their tasks and recognize how to get to you with the best manner. We can aid you with any kind of Computer Repairs needs. Whether it's wi-fi network installation, mail Server install , Virus Removing, Firewall fitting, Internet Safeguards or back-up and recovery services, Mobile Geeks really make IT easy. All of our knowledgeable computer repair technicians have dealt with more or less all IT issues before and shall sort out your online link, arrange your home office, get rid of the virus and locate your lost information swiftly, expertly and, more often than not, without separating you and your personal pc.

Rodd Point Historical Point:

Rodd Point is located 9 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Canada Bay. Rodd Point is a small suburb in the inner west area of Sydney

Rodd Point is named after the Rodd Family who contributed to the area for almost a century. Land was bought by Brent Clements Rodd from the Five Dock Farm Estate in 1836. He had 12 children and many of the local streets have been named after his family – Brent, Undine, Brisbane, Trevanion, Burnell, Rodd, Lenore, Clements and Janet. The Rodd’s family home was named after Brent’s birthplace in England – Barnstaple. The Rodd Point memorial in Rodd Park was originally the Rodd family mausoleum. In 1903 the bodies were moved to Rookwood Cemetery.

Close to Rodd Point is Rodd Island, also named after Brent Clement Rodd’s, it was once used by scientists to investigate ways to eradicate Rabbits.


mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client required a general


All PCs and laptops being used for the office were all checked.  The sluggish ones needed driver and software updates. Configured the computers for the Microsoft 365 Migration - Carried out maintenance on all the computers to speed up usability. Completed the installation of Office 2016 Professional on all computers and updates and sersvice packs. Applied firewall settings to router and tested that it works properly.  Set up Microsoft Office 365 cloud account and carried out customisation. Added MX Cname and TXT records to the domain name.  Migrated offsite email data to correct mailbox.   Diagnosed and removed faulty Ethernet card.  Installed and configured new 10/100/1000 meg Ethernet card. Fixed problems with the Windows operation system after system update was applied. Reset router due to lost passwords. Fixed ISP problems causing dropouts. Replaced 10/100/1000 ethernet card for reception computer.  Checked all computers can print using the 2 network printers.               

monitor power not working


Client had issue with monitor power not working

Address list of issues in small office


1. Went onsite

2. Correct email settings in outlook for user a/c

3. Set windows 7 GUI to be easy to use

4. Activate windows that was required

5. Install MYOB

6. Share backup drive to other machine

7. Connect other machine to MYOB

8. Connect two printers to other machine

9. Set 3x email signatures for new machine

10. Test and pass

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