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Computer Repairs Rushcutters Bay

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Rushcutters Bay

Every one of the Mobile Geeks IT professionals bring many years of industry knowledge as well as training and their qualifications are actually cross verified using ex - business employers from this city. Mobile Geeks computer technicians along with pretty much all Head Office crew that set working day assignments happen to be Sydneysiders and know this town by heart. This makes certain that whenever you select our computer repair services you'll not end up being the subject of useless waiting around times simply because somebody else did not know the actual neighborhood of your suburb together with its distance to some other neighborhoods and will not need to spend time on the mobile phone clarifying your details. Further, you simply will not have to spend your your time expecting your Geeks to see where to find your office or house and how to park their Geek mobile. Each of our lads know their responsibilities as well as recognize how to get to you with most effective manner. We can easily provide you with any Computer Repairs needs. Whether it be cord less network fitting, electronic mail Server set-up , Pc virus Removals, Firewall set up, Internet Security measures or back-up and recovery care, Mobile Geeks can make IT easy. Each of our competent computer repair technicians have worked on all IT issues before and will also improve your online link, put together your home office, remove the virus and find your deleted data quickly, expertly and, generally, without any separating you and your computer.

Rushcutters Bay Historical Note:

Rushcutters Bay is located 3 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Sydney. Rushcutters Bay is a harbour side suburb in the Eastern suburbs area of Sydney.

The area was originally known as Rush Cutting Bay because the swampy land was covered in tall rushes, they were used by early settlers for thatching houses. 6 acres of land was reserved in 1878 for recreation and after reclamation work finished Rushcutters Bay Park was created.

Rushcutters Bay was once the site of the famous *Sydney Stadium* it was here in 1908 when Tommy Burns lost his heavyweight title against Jack Johnson, who was the first African American to win a world title.

The bay at Sydney Harbour served as an venue for the Sydney 2000Olympic sailing events.

Some of the suburbs surrounding Rushcutters Bay include Potts Point, Darlinghurst, Elizabeth Bay, Paddington, Edgecliff, Darling Point and Port Jackson

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client needs assistance with newly bought PC plus data migration


Set up the new Lenovo PC -  set up Microsoft Office 365 cloud domain set up.  Set up and migrated e-mail  Configured Microsoft Outlook on 5 desktop computers.  Additions of domain TXT records, set up new devices - e.g. 3 iphones, 2 androids, 3 laptops and 3 ipads.  Installed MobileGeeks Microsoft Office subscription for 2 users

Check security of network


Client wishes to have a security check done to their network and PC's. Inspected on site

computer repairs task: wireless HP printer to be installed


1 hour labour: Installed and configured new HP wireless printer.

Computer repairs task wireless internet problems repair



- fixed wireless Internet problems. Found cabling in wrong ports and digital
phone causing static. added Samsung keyboard to tablet computer.

Fixed wireless Internet problems. Found cabling in wrong ports and digitalphone causing static. added Samsung keyboard to tablet computer.


Address list of issues in small office


1. Install cleaner tool

2. Run Cleanup

3. Vacuum PC

4. Install RAM

5. Print test page (PASSED)

6. Install Defrag

7. Run Defrag

8. Test Laptop HDD ( FAUTLY)

9. Install cleaner (OFFICE PC)

10. Run Cleanup (OFFICE PC)

11. Run Defrag

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