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Computer Repairs Sadleir

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Sadleir Historical Note:

Sadleir is a suburb in south-western Sydney located 37 kilometres south-west of Sydney’s CBD. Sadleir was named after Richard Sadleir, the first mayor of Liverpool in 1872. Sadleir was part of the Green Valley housing estate, which was subdivided in 1960.

According to the 2006 census, Sadleir had a population of 2825. The average age was 33, slightly lower than the national average, with higher than expected numbers of people in the 0-14 and 65 plus age groups. There was a significant housing commission population with around a third of the suburb's dwellings belonging to the Department of Housing.

Sadleir Public School is the only school in the suburb. The nearest high school is in neighbouring Miller.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Supply and install new hard drive, setup windows


Went onsite to complete the following:

Hard drive Replacement due to power surge

1. Supplied new harddrive to suit

2. Installed Windows Operating system

3. Installed Latest Windows updates

4. Configured Windows settings and customisation.

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