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Computer Repairs South Hurstville

Refine Computer Repairs

South Hurstville

Our trained and experienced Mobile Geeks are prepared for whatever your personal computer Mac may throw their way. We have been supporting our South Hurstville clients for a long time and now have dealt with a wide range of computer system repair hassles for this location for example laptop or computer networking, wifi networking, computer virus removal, web mail exchange set up, web-based safety setup, and so forth.

Call Mobile Geeks right away on 1300 883 021 to find out for yourself reasons why so plenty of of your neighbours rely upon Mobile Geeks’ help. Mobile Geeks' experienced technicians are happy to answer the questions you have, give you guidance on your computer repair concerns along with book for well-behaved Nerds to help to make your computer headaches disappear!

South Hurstville Historical Note:

South Hurstville is a suburb in southern Sydney located 18 kilometres south of Sydney’s CBD.

The Hurstville area was granted to Captain John Townson and his brother Robert Townson in 1808. However, the Townson brothers were not happy with the heavily timbered land that they were given because it was not suitable for the farming of sheep for wool. It is likely that the brothers never occupied their land.

The local school was known as Hurstville by School Inspector MacIntyre in 1876. When the railway arrived in 1884, the station took the name from the school. Hurstville municipality was incorporated in 1887.

South Hurstville is a mainly residential area with a few commercial developments, mostly located on King Georges Road. The Kings Head Tavern is a well-known landmark on one of the corners Some of the landmark buildings of the past such as banks and picture theatre have found new uses as office space and a video shop.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

computer repairs task: recover data, set up windows 7 and other software


1. recover old pc data

2. configure windows 7

3. install myob

4. install office 2003

5. import all old pc data and email

6. burn recovery media for toshiba laptop 4 x dvds

Restructure small office network and file sharing of database


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect site and gather client needs, determine hardware/software/internet available at client's for future setup

3. Perform cleanup on all machines, tweak systems for improved performance, place all machines on workgroup

4. Perform major cleanup on client machine, install wireless USB adapter, join to wireless network, setup parental control and show client how to use parental control and logging system

5. Setup new machine, transfer relevant files from user laptop to workgroup fileserve

6. Setup and test 4 different backup scripts on user laptop to transfer database and files to fileserve

7. Map network drive to all machines on workgroup

8. Test all systems and pass

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