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Computer Repairs South Windsor

Refine Computer Repairs

South Windsor

Our well trained and professional Mobile Geeks are equipped for anything that your computer or laptop or may throw their way. We have been helping our South Windor clientele for quite a while and now have treated with plenty of pc repair hassles from this location including pc networking, wifi networking, pc virus extraction, internet mail exchange set up, internet safety and security set up, and many others.

Call Mobile Geeks right now on 1300 883 021 and discover for yourself the reason so a large number of of your neighborhood friends trust Mobile Geeks’ expert services. Mobile Geeks' expert technicians will be happy to answer your questions, give you guidance on your personal machine repair issues along with book for helpful Nerds to make your personal machine problems disappear completely!

South Windsor Historical Note:

South Windsor is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The population of South Windsor is 6507 (Census 2001). It is also home of the high school Bede Polding College.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Format Dell Laptop and setup windows, all software, networking and backup


1. Recover all data

2. Format Dell Latitude E5400

3. Install Dell Windows 7 Pro

4. Install all drivers

5. Install all windows updates

6. Install Dell Office 2007 SBE

7. Install Office 2007 SP2

8. Install, Adobe acrobat 9, Flash 10, Java 6, Microsoft Security Essentials,

9. Install Printer

10. Print test page (PASS)

11. Configure Outlook email

12.Import Data

13. Configure Backup

14. Map "Z" drive

15. Configure Server

16. Configure Backup

17. Install Printer

18. Print Test Page (PASS)

19. Map "Z" Drive

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