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Computer Repairs Spring Farm

Refine Computer Repairs

Spring Farm

All of our well trained and professional Mobile Geeks are prepared for everything that your PC or will throw at them. We have been supporting our Spring Farm clients for quite some time and have now worked with numerous computer or laptop repair issues here in this location in particular computer networking, mobile networking, computer virus eradication, internet mail exchange set up, website security measures installs, etc.

Call Mobile Geeks today on 1300 883 021 to see for yourself the reason why so a large number of of your others who live nearby depend on Mobile Geeks’ professional services. Mobile Geeks' competent technicians will be willing to answer your questions, provide advice on your computer or laptop repair concerns as well as schedule for helpful Geeks to help make your computer or laptop head aches disappear altogether!

Spring Farm Historical Note:

Spring Farm is a suburb of the Macarthur Region of Sydney, located on the east side of the Nepean River. Until recently, it was mainly farmland with a winery, an electricity substation and the Jacks Gully landfill, but it is currently in the process of suburban redevelopment.

The area now known as Spring Farm was probably originally home to the Tharawal people. Very early relations with British settlers were cordial but as farmers started clearing and fencing the land affecting food resources in the area, clashes between the groups arose until 1816 when a number of indigenous people were massacred and the remainder retreated from direct conflict with the settlers.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Clients have network issues, upgraded to NBN


Clients called and are having issues access network shares and they can no longer RDP into their workplace. After inspection set static IP, fixed router config for RDP, fixed network shares, all seem to be ok.

Setup new replacement computer for user in small office


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect replacement machine for user

3. Copy data from old machine

4. Remove old machine and setup replacement machine

5. Apply necessary settings for networking

6. Migrate data

7. Test (pass)

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