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Computer Repairs Surry Hills

Refine Computer Repairs

Surry Hills

All of our well trained and professional Mobile Geeks are prepared for anything that your computer or Mac might throw at them. We have been supporting our Surry hills valued clientele for many years and have absolutely treated various personal pc repair setbacks through this location in particular laptop or computer networking, wire-less networking, pc virus eradication, internet mail exchange set up, net safeguards installs, etc. Call Mobile Geeks today on 1300 883 021 to find out for yourself precisely why most of your next door neighbours use Mobile Geeks’ products and services. Mobile Geeks' expert technicians are very happy to answer questions, provide assistance on your personal machine repair concerns along with organize for friendly Nerds to help make your personal computer problems go away completely!

Historical Note:

Surry Hills is an inner-city suburb of Sydney located immediately south-east of Sydney’s CBD. The first land grants in Surry Hills were made in the 1790s. Major Joseph Foveaux received 105 acres (0.42 km2). His property was known as Surry Hills Farm, after the Surrey Hills in Surrey, England. Foveaux Street is named in his honour.

The Devonshire Street cemetery, where many of the early settlers were buried, was later moved to build the Sydney railway terminus. Central railway station was opened on the 4th August 1906. Terrace houses and workers' cottages were built in Surry Hills from the 1850s. It became a working class suburb, predominately inhabited by Irish immigrants. The suburb developed a reputation for crime and vices. The famous Sydney underworld figure Kate Leigh (1881–1964), lived in Surry Hills for more than 80 years.

From the 1980s, the area was gentrified, with many of the area's older houses and building restored and many new upper middle-class residents enjoying the benefits of inner-city living.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Upgrade router firmware


For security purposes upgrade firmware on the DrayTek router.

The client wanted his computers to be networked.


An HP mini file server was set up for an office comprising of 5 people -configured all computers, tested. Working properly.

Monitor cracked after fall


Clients monitor had fallen over and cracked and client required replacement. Installed new monitor and confirmed client is happy with new one.

The internet connection is intermittent, slow and sometimes drop off completely


The computers were checked for faults -- Provided and installed Unifi Enterprise long range access point, a Netgear AC reouter, 8 Port Netgear 10/100/1000  8-port switch and a Ubiquity POE swith 8-port manager. Once these were all up and running,  the commonly visited websites were  tried and the connection was fast and efficient.  All good

Need help in setting up router and hub for wireless networking


Checked that the computer is working properly.  Connected the router to the desktop and configured the router.  Checked and ensured that the router is recognised by the Lenovo,  HP laptp and also the iphone and 2 other smartphones. Tested and ensured that the devices are able to access websites.  Trained the client on how to manually connect the devices if they fail to connect automatically.

System maintenance, remove virus and set up backups


1. Install Av Full system scan & Removal

2. Install Updates, Flash, Java

3. Set-up backup

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