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Computer Repairs Sydenham

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All of our competent and proficient Mobile Geeks are equipped for all that your PC may throw their way. We have been assisting our Sydenham users for a long time and now have dealt with many different pc repair problems for this location this includes laptop or computer networking, bluetooth networking, trojan removal, web mail exchange set up, internet security measures set up, etc. Call Mobile Geeks today on 1300 883 021 to find out for yourself precisely why plenty of your neighborhood friends use Mobile Geeks’ service. Mobile Geeks' skilled techs are pleased to answer the questions you have, supply assistance on your personal computer repair worries along with book for helpful Nerds to help to make your laptop or computer problems disappear altogether!

Historical Note:

Sydenham is a small suburb in the inner-west of Sydney located 8 kilometres south of Sydney’s CBD. Sydenham developed after the Illawarra line came through the area to Hurstville in the late 1800s. It was named after Sydenham, a suburb of London, similar for its close proximity to the city and a railway junction. The station was originally known as Marrickville when it opened on 15 October 1884. It was changed to Sydenham on the 19th March 1895 when a new line was being built to Bankstown and the first station was to be called Marrickville. The post office opened in April 1899 as Tempe Park and was only renamed Sydenham in 1964.

Sydenham has a mixture of residential and industrial developments. A small group of shops is located around the intersection of Unwins Bridge Road and Railway Road, close to Sydenham railway station.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

There is a pop up message on the screen instructing the client to ring a particular number to un-freeze the screen


The customer was told not to do anyhing. Client was given instructions on how to retrieve the computer screen.

Successful, the computer worked properly after this.

computer repairs task: upgrade PC to windows 7 professional


1. Installed Windows 7 Pro

2. Installed all Windows updates

3. Partitioned HDD C:, E:, F:

4. Installed Office 2010

5. Installed Acrobat Reader, Flash, Java, Microsoft SEcurity Essentials

6. Ran Defrag on C: drive

7. Installed scanner

computer repairs task: pc blue screen error


1. went onsite

2. inspect pc with blue screen

3. remove hdd and plug into drive kit

4. back up all user files/data

5. reinstall hdd

6. format c drive

7. install and setup windows

8. download and install drivers and latest service packs

9. check internet works (pass)

Install antivirus and perform basic maintenance


1. Install CA Internet

2. Un install Trend Micro

3. Update Acrobat , Flash , Java

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