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Computer Repairs Thornleigh

Refine Computer Repairs


Our skilled and experienced Mobile Geeks are equipped for whatever your computer might throw at them. We have been assisting our Thornleigh clients for a long time and now have worked with many different computer system repair troubles here in this location, like computer networking, bluetooth networking, trojan extraction, email exchange set up, web-based safety installation, and so on. Call Mobile Geeks right now on 1300 883 021 and see for yourself just why a lot of your those who live nearby trust Mobile Geeks’ assistance. Mobile Geeks' expert techs are pleased to answer questions, supply guidance on your personal computer repair problems along with organize for friendly Nerds to help make your personal computer headaches vanish entirely!

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Domain registration and DNS hosting needed by Client


Four different domains were registered for 2 years with Net Registry and were also registered for Managed DNS hosting as the client may want/need this in the future.

Install new backup drive on business server


1.Went onsite

2. Install new backup drive

3. Format drive

4. Configure drive for server backups

5. Set backup schedule on server

6. Monitor overnight (pass)

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