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Computer Repairs Turrella

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Our expert and professional Mobile Geeks can handle all that your computer or laptop might throw at them. We have been assisting our Turrella customers for many years and have absolutely treated many different technology repair issues here in this area for example, computer networking, wifi networking, virus eradication, electronic mail exchange set up, web-based safety and security design and installation, etc.

Call Mobile Geeks right away on 1300 883 021 to see for yourself why exactly so many of those who live nearby use Mobile Geeks’ solutions. Mobile Geeks' well trained consultants are always happy to answer questions, supply tips on your laptop or computer repair problems along with organize for well-behaved Geeks to make your personal machine troubles disappear!

Turrella Historical Note:

Turrella is located 10 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of the City of Rockdale and is part of the St George area. This southern Sydney suburb sits on the southern bank of Wolli Creek.

The area is predominantly residential however there are some light industrial developments located around the Turrella railway station and along the railway line.

Turrella is an Aboriginal word meaning *water reeds* or *reedy place*. Wolli Creek which runs through the area was once known as Woolley Creek, perhaps because the reeds in the water gave it a thick woolly look.

In the 1800’s the area was farming country with many orchards, these properties  were subdivided when the railway came through, The railway station was opened in 1931 with many light industrial buildings built close to the line. One of the largest factories in the area was the Streets Ice Cream Factory which has since closed.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Clients display is blurry


Client called explaining that their display/monitor is blurry. After remoting in it appeared windows updates/nvidia drivers updated. We were able to change the resoloution back to 1920x1080, this fixed the issue.

computer repairs task: inspect wireless internet issues


1 hour labour - fixed wireless issues and installed new router.

computer repairs task: set up Netgear access point


1 hour labour: set up new netgear access point at client's home as client was experiencing issues. New wireless NAP fixed the problem. Client now able to roam between networks and not lose connection.

Remove virus on Windows Xp home computer


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect machine

3. Found virus on machine

4. Boot into safe mode

5. Install scanner tool and update

6. Perform system scan

7. Remove infected objects

8. Reboot

9. Test and pass

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