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Computer Repairs Vaucluse

Refine Computer Repairs


All of our competent and experienced Mobile Geeks are prepared for whatever your computer or laptop can throw their way. We have been helping our Vaucluse clients for several years and also have treated many laptop or desktop repair setbacks for this location, for example computer networking, wi-fi networking, computer virus eradication, email exchange set up, internet security measures installs, and many others.

Call Mobile Geeks right away on 1300 883 021 to see for yourself why so a number of your friends and neighbors use Mobile Geeks’ solutions. Mobile Geeks' high quality techs will always be able to answer the questions you have, give you guidance on your computer repair worries as well as schedule for friendly Nerds to help make your personal machine head aches disappear completely!

Vaucluse Historical Note:

Vaucluse is located 8 kilometres north east of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of both Waverly Council and the Municipality of Woollahra.

Vaucluse is located on the South Head peninsula with the Pacific Ocean to the east and Sydney Harbour to the west. It is a predominantly residential suburb, and for years was one of the most affluent suburbs in Sydney and in terms of houses and properties is still amongst the top 5 most expensive suburbs.

The area was once home to the Birrabirragal Aboriginal clan. The first activity took place not long after the colony was established with a make shift signalling station set up on the ridge overlooking the ocean. Its role was to signal the colony if ships were approaching. Pilots based at Camp Cove on Watsons Bay could meet the ship and guide it in through the harbour. In 1790 a formal signal station was established.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Client needed help in organising his home office network


There are two main computers, two lap tops and three smart devices.  The router was set up, connected to the internet and all the devices configured to connect to the network.  All tested, including connection to the internet and printing.

HP Pavilion freezing up, gets too hot


Thoroughly checked the computer - it gets too hot after a few hours' use.  This is typical of this 

HP model. Recommended the use of a computer fan.  Peformed system maintenance and clean up.

Computer repairs task data back up and reset



2 Hours Labour - copy all data from old HP laptop to new HP laptop. Also install and migrate

Copy all data from old HP laptop to new HP laptop. Also install and migrate outlook.


Supply and install new DVD burner for HP desktop computer


1. Install new dvd drive

2. Vacuum PC

3. Test DVD drive with DVD

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