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Computer Repairs Waverton

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If you find yourself experiencing the next few or maybe like problems:

You really should let go of your mouse, turn your machine off and phone Mobile Geeks. Mobile Geeks have been fixing personal computers around Sydney for many years and there's no computer repair bug we can't take care of! Call 1300 883 021 and see our outstanding consumer support, professional expertise, prompt turn around as well as low prices for yourself! Mobile Geeks is a Sydney owned and based company dedicated to our city customers and loyal to its Waverton business and individual clientele. To find out more about what we can do for you see Computer Repairs and if you need your computer fixed quick smart, just book us online now or call 1300 883 021!

Waverton Historical Note:

Waverton is located 4 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district; it is in the local government area of North Sydney Council. Waverton is located on the lower north shore of the Sydney area.

 Waverton was named in 1929 after the Waverton Estate owned by early resident Robert Old. The land had once belonged to William Carr who had named it after an English Village.

In 1893 the North Shore railway line was extended south from St Leonards to Milsons Point. For nearly 40 years the station in this area had been known as Bay Road, after the road that crossed the railway line. The local progress association suggested the name change to Waverton and in 1929 the name was accepted.

There is a small village-like collection of shops around the railway line, including a bottle shop, dry cleaners, video store, IGA Supermarket and several cafes and restaurants.

Neighbouring suburbs include, Wollstonecraft, Greenwich, Birchgrove, Crows Nest and North Sydney.

mobilegeeks Computer Repairs

Setup new Google Apps for Business


Setup new Google Apps for Business

Customers sound card is no longer recognised


Customer usese a PCI sound card for audio work. When they returned to office on monday the computer no longer recognised the sound card. After identifying the card and reinstalling drivers the card was still not recognised. Diagnosed to be a hardware fault, advised and assisted with a new sound card install. Working perfectly now. 

Setup new computer and email for home user


1. Went onsite

2. Inspect machine with virus

3. Start repairs, found more issues

4. Advised client it was better for them to purchase a computer

5. Went onsite

6. Setup new machine for emails, antivirus, firefox browser, flash add-ons

7. Extract passwords from old machine

8. Apply email passwords and settings to new computer

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