When you are running a business, email is your lifeblood. Our email server shut down leaving us stranded. When I called Mobile Geeks, Marcus understood immediately what was going on and how urgent the situation was. We had a technician here within the hour. The problem was serious and took a while to fix but I know the guys did it as fast as they could. I now have their number in my phone. I am in good hands. 

Wendy, Beverly Hills


Computer Service & Maintenance

Computer Maintenance - Sydney

Just like cars, computers are a part of everyday life and when they run like they are expected, we take it for granted… However, just like cars, computers can break down when you least expect and when you can least afford for that to happen.

Our computer technicians pride themselves on their specialist industry knowledge, skills and ability to manage any computer servicing or computer maintenance issue. Mobile Geeks have what it takes to fix common computer problems or those special hairy ones that happen once in five years and have everyone scratching their heads. So, if you have a problem, it is more than likely we have come across it many times before, putting Mobile Geeks in the best position to deliver your computer maintenance or computer servicing needs and make the headaches go away. We will also guarantee you the following eight promises. When you deal with us you will have:

You won't even need to lug your machine to us! From our experience, we know that unplugging and taking your machine to a computer service lab not only wastes your cheap time but can also, in some cases, prevent us from detecting the real problem. If the malfunction is with your settings instead of your hardware, it may not be detected unless the machine is hooked up to its usual network. A computer service lab may provide a temporary fix, but the real underlying problem may re-occur, costing you both time and money. This is when you need professionals to come in, analyse your computer setup, identify the problem and fix it.

On some rare occasions, when the correct computer service step is to, for example, completely reformat your machine, which is a very lengthy process, we may need to take it away. After all, even though, our Mobile Geeks are a friendly bunch, you would not want them setting up camp at your home or office! If this happens, computer maintenance will be promptly managed by your Geek in our computer service (Sydney) lab and returned to you as soon as possible. So, do not put up with a slow or malfunctioning computer any longer, book us online now. Or if you still have some questions, call 1300 883 021.

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