I was very impressed with the onsite computer service and found my mobile geek very friendly and helpful. He explained things in a very simply and gave me helpful advice even after my problem was fixed. Im very happy with mobile geeks and would call them again if there is a problem.


Arielle, Darlinghurst


IT Services

IT Services Throughout Sydney

Fix IT - If your computer freezes, is running slow or is testing your patience in some other electronically inventive way, MobileGeeks Fix IT services Sydney can sort it out and knock it back into shape. We will give your machine a full onsite makeover and, if you like what we do, we will look after all your other computer repair needs as well.

Upgrade IT - Do you think that only a new computer can speed up your IT experience? Put away your wallet! Sometimes, all it takes is a system optimisation or an upgrade of an operating system as part of a standard computer repair service. So, call a geek you know, or better yet, call MobileGeeks and after we have finished with your computer repairs and optimisation, you can go buy yourself something nice.

Cure IT - Every day, there are thousands of viruses or other bugs launched with only one purpose to get into your private records or business databases. Every day, thousands of super geeks break their pale fingers trying to find ways to defend from these nasties…Are you getting the message? DIY virus protection is not always the way to go. Perhaps, you should consider giving us a call for an obligation free chat about your computer security systems? If your computer has already been keeping bad company and picked up some nasty bugs, our Mobile Geeks can Cure IT in no time. Call our IT Services (Sydney) on 1300 883 021.

Email IT - Have you heard of our “Unlimited Exchange Optimisation Service”? Long name? We know...This is our most popular Email Exchange offer. The service can be accessed as part of Mobile Geeks' Small Business Computer Support or just by itself. Our Email IT Services allows you as business owner/manager to focus on running the business and not your IT systems. So, if you want email with no headaches, call us now and we will tell you how we can do this for you.

Connect ITWireless? Cable? Fast? Supersonic? We can do all your computer networking. Sydney Metro Area is fully covered by Mobile Geeks onsite computer repairs service. Call us and we will adress your computer repairs and networking needs faster than the Optus deer. (Remember the ad? :))

Copy IT - After fixing many computers, we became good friends with many small businesses. One of the somewhat computer related problems they always like to talk to us about is their website text. All of those business owners seem to have a feeling for what they want their website to say, but generally cannot find the right words. Sometimes, it is difficult to describe what is so close... This is where our Mobile Geekette decided to come to the rescue. So, Mobile Geeks now also offer website copyrighting service. 

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