I was very impressed with the onsite computer service and found my mobile geek very friendly and helpful. He explained things in a very simply and gave me helpful advice even after my problem was fixed. Im very happy with mobile geeks and would call them again if there is a problem.


Arielle, Darlinghurst


Computer Training & User Assistance

Computer Training Sydney & User Assistance Sydney

It is easy to feel a little technologically overwhelmed these days... so everyone can benefit from a little one-on-one computer training and user assistance to help guide them through the IT minefield. If you are a computer novice or someone who just wants to advance their computer knowledge and keep on top of the latest technology, our Mobile Geeks computer training specialists offer personal tutorials in the comfort of your home or business. We can help you better understand your computer and make the most of its capabilities – there is a world of technology out there to explore. With our friendly, practical and individual instruction you will be amazed at what you can make your computer do! Mobile Geeks computer training and tutoring is not just high quality but also gentle on the wallet. Contact our call centre on 1300 883 021 to find out more or book a Geek.

Whether it is configuring your email, installing and operating new software, adding hardware such as printers or digital cameras, social networking or basic training on how to operate your computer system and manage your files, a Mobile Geek can help. In delivering our computer training and user assistance, we bypass the technical jargon and speak to you in 'human' language, making things simple to understand and easy to remember. We can even teach kids of all ages how to use computers for learning purposes, creative activities and playing games.

Our Mobile Geeks are Sydney's leading team of computer technicians, each with extensive industry experience, so they know computers inside out, no matter what operating system you are running or whether you are using PC or Mac. They are also friendly, personable and eager to share their knowledge to make your life easier. Our IT support specialists will come to your home or business for individual or group computer training at a time that suits you.

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