I was very impressed with the onsite computer service and found my mobile geek very friendly and helpful. He explained things in a very simply and gave me helpful advice even after my problem was fixed. Im very happy with mobile geeks and would call them again if there is a problem.


Arielle, Darlinghurst


Data Recovery & Backup

Data recovery Sydney and Data backup Sydney

Panicking because you think you have lost important data? Never fear, just when you think all is lost, Mobile Geeks can solve all of your problems with our expert data recovery. Sydney is fully covered by us, so whether it is a home or business issue, PC or Mac, we can be there to restore all of your critical information, because we understand the urgency of the situation. Data loss can be caused by a number of things including hardware failure or damage, viruses or simply by inadvertently deleting files. Hardware failure is a common problem with storage devices such as internal and external hard drives and USBs. If your computer is not expertly protected then viruses can also be a common problem.

It is also quite easy to unintentionally delete files and most people have done this at one time or another. To avoid losing your data forever, call Mobile Geeks' Computer Repairs Team as soon as you think there is a problem. Do not wait – the more you try to fix the problem yourself, the less likely you will be able to retrieve it. This is because the more you use your computer, the more chance there is of it storing new information on the same sector where your lost data resides.

It takes a highly skilled computer technician and special and intricate software to manage the data recovery process to ensure that all information is correctly restored. So, whomever you choose to help you, make sure it is a team with a proven track record in this area.

Every Mobile Geeks' Computer Technician must demonstrate extensive industry record and go through thorough practical training before he/she is allowed to wear the uniform. Data back-up and data recovery for home or business purposes is an important part of that training. Every Mobile Geek also operates under the following eight success rules that have allowed us to be here:

Data backup Sydney

We all know that we need to backup, backup, backup! However it is often not until we are concerned that we have lost important data that we truly think about backing up our computer. To make sure you never think “I wish I had backed up” or ever have to worry about data loss in the future, Mobile Geeks offers affordable and reliable backup solutions for your home or business computers. Your data backups can even be automated for ease and convenience and to give you peace of mind. Do not learn the hard way and wait until you have lost valuable data – call Mobile Geeks Computer Repairs Team today and we will come to you and put systems in place to ensure data loss is no longer an issue.

Mobile Geeks has Sydney's top team of experienced computer technicians, who are skilled in data recovery and backup solutions. We are available 7 days a week for same-day onsite visits to your home or business premises. We operate across the greater Sydney Metropolitan Area, so you will find there is always a Mobile Geek nearby to help with all of your computer repairs and data recovery and data backup Sydney needs. We are so confident in our Mobile Geeks' Computer Repairs Team that our computer services come with a "we cannot fix it > you do not pay" guarantee.*

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