Well done to the Manger(s) of this company. Keep it up ! I will recommend to all my Over 50's customers to use your services if ever they require some help (other than training, which I can do for them !) I'd like to leave this testimonial on your website please, thank you, Cheerio!

Arnold, Northern Beaches


Computer Fix

Fixing & Troubleshooting Computers

Nowadays, having your computer fixed is much easier than in the 90's, when most of our Geeks were taking apart and putting together their first computers. The number of discrete parts in a PC has dropped significantly since that time, making navigating through computer repairs much faster and straight forward. The software has also become increasingly user-friendly in its operation...leading to the rise in the number of 'computer technicians' available for hire and the number of people thinking they are capable of diagnosing and fixing computers on their own. It is very tempting for some inexperienced computer geeks to think that carrying around a few spare parts and swap-till-you-drop is the way to troubleshoot software and get your computer fixed.

At Mobile Geeks, we think this approach does not work for a number of reasons, e.g. all the really sticky problems are intermittent, so diagnosing the problem correctly is actually the main challenge. Replacing random computer parts may delay the diagnosis process and even lead to a wrong conclusion, further exercerbating the problem. Computer hardware problems are less common than software problems; just think about all the nasties like adware, malware and viruses 'crawling' about the Internet. There are also less variables to consider when learning to troubleshoot PC hardware. That is why, at Mobile Geeks, we believe in the sensible approach of addressing each possibility for the malfunction in a systematic matter, eliminating options whenever possible before even thinking of installing replacement parts. This approach gets to the the reall problem and, in most cases, allows us to eliminate at the first go. At Mobile Geeks we also believe that all our dealing with clients should take place under these eight rules:

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