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Computer Virus Removal

Virus, Adware & Spyware Removal and ProtectionComp

Viruses, spyware and adware can cause serious problems for your computer and your business. Just as quickly as we can fix them, intruders come up with new and more sinister ways to attack your IT systems with malicious software. The Mobile Geeks's Sydney computer repairs team is always on top of the latest malicious software developments, providing computer virus removal solutions to remove these bugs from your computer and protect against them in the future. Give us a call on 1300 883 021 if you just want free advice on what could be making your computer misbehave or if you would like a team of Virus Busters dispatched to you as soon as possible. In our everyday operations we follow these eight rules, they and our great customer service is what brings customers back to us.

Adware and viral software pose a serious threat and their effects can vary from slow operation of your computer to complete shutdown. They are typically not something that can be fixed on your own – these bugs require an expert computer technician to detect and remove them. It is much easier to protect yourself against these threats than it is to rid your computer off them. Mobile Geeks' Sydney IT support team can put systems in place to minimise the risk of these issues occurring in the future.

Keen to know the difference between viruses, spyware and adware?

Viruses - A virus is essentially a computer program that loads itself into your system undetected. It can lead to you losing valuable data, using up memory or at worst, total malfunction of your computer. These viruses can multiply and migrate to others on your network or via email, infecting the computers of your family, friends, colleagues and clients! Some viruses can be successfully and automatically removed with basic anti-viral software. However, some viruses need the intervention by trained Computer Repair specialists to remove without damaging your computer. The best approach to computer virus removal, however, is to minimise the risk of computer virus entering the system in the first place.

Spyware - Spyware does not create copies of itself and you will not lose data as a result of its operation. What it will do is cause your computer to start up and operate more slowly, causing plenty of irritation. The main aim of these programs is to infiltrate your computer to find personal information, and that can be very damaging to your or your clients' privacy and security. Just like with viruses, most of these annoying programs can be detected and removed by basic computer protection software. However, to guard from the risk of finding your clients' and employees' personal detail on the Internet, it is better to engage a specialist trained in computer maintenance to ensure that all safety measure have been attended to. All Mobile Geeks' computer geeks are geniuses in virus and spyware removal and protection.

Adware - You will generally find that adware makes its way into your computer if you download or install a free program. The consequences of adware are not particularly serious, however, you will find yourself subjected to pop-ups and advertising that can be annoying and time consuming.  If you are a business, it can also be damaging to your employees' productivity.

Mobile Geeks is the top team of skilled technicians, who are highly trained and experienced in the detection, removal and prevention of viruses, spyware and adware. Sydney Metropolitan Area is completely covered by us and we are available 7 days a week for onsite computer service and repair visits to all your home or business premises, large or small. We are so confident in our Mobile Geeks' Computer Repairs Sydney Team that our computer services come with a no fix no pay for the geeks guarantee.

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